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It's All Relative

Twenty-seven-year-old Helena Crosby is over her mom Nora's wedding--and it hasn't even happened yet. For months, Helena's been dreading the day she and Nora would become part of The Perfects, aka the Maddox family, led by oldest perfect daughter Amelia. Her complete opposite in every way, Amelia owns a house, runs her father's architecture firm, and is engaged to her also perfect (and dreamy) fiancé Gage, all before the age of thirty. Helena has no idea how she's going to fit into this family with their fancy traditions and strict timetables. Thankfully, her best friend Landon is joining the festivities as her emotional support plus one--and the perfect buffer between her and her new family.

Amelia Maddox has spent months planning the perfect wedding week for her dad Steve and his bride-to-be Nora. She'd planned for every consistency . . . except for her new free spirited stepsister's deadly shellfish allergy, her brother's insistence on blowing up his life, and an unexpected guest on Helena's arm. A guest she hasn't seen in years. A guest who held her heart years before her fiancé Gage ever did . . . her ex Landon Blake. But no matter--Amelia's kept the Maddox family together since her mother died a few years ago. She's not going to be thrown by Landon's deep blue eyes and sun-bronzed forearms and the way he makes her feel all warm and cozy, like she's come home to herself. Nope. She has duties to attend to: being the best daughter, sister, fiancée, boss, and wedding coordinator. And she's going to bring her Eldest Daughter Energy to it all and push down those inconvenient feelings, no matter what.

Through a whirlwind week of wedding activities and a few near disasters, both Amelia and Helena realize that sometimes the blueprints for the perfect family and relationship look better on paper than in real life--and that family isn't only made of the people you're born with. Family is also made of the people we choose over and over again.

The Beach Escape

Beach adventures.
New beginnings.
And turtles.

Molly Lawrence could use an escape. After all, her fiancé dumped her at her rehearsal dinner for her best friend. Fortunately, she has a short-term veterinarian assignment in Emerald Cove, Florida. A friendly workplace, beaches, and summer—what could be better?

Grant Torres shows up with a patient she wasn’t expecting: a giant loggerhead sea turtle. Soon Molly is immersed with helping Grant at the turtle hospital he manages, and work leads to snorkeling, sunset sails, a wedding date—and unexpected feelings. But even as they help injured turtles return to the sea, Molly and Grant both plan to leave soon on new adventures of their own. Can Molly heal her own heart? And could love turn out to be the ultimate destination?

9781952210655_The Beach Escape_1877x3000.jpg
The Inn at
Summer Island

Starting over just got a lot more complicated.


Millie Leclair is a mess, complete with a dead-end career and a flat-lining love life. So when she inherits her great aunt’s oceanfront B&B in a resort town in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, she doesn’t hesitate to pack up her car and set off on a new adventure. It’ll be fun.

Of course, life seldom goes according to plan. The B&B is barely habitable for one person, let alone ready to open for business. With dwindling funds, Millie has no choice but to roll up her sleeves and tackle the repairs by herself. Yeah, so much fun.

Ex-pro golfer Braxton Channing thought being a full-time single parent kept him on his toes. That was before he spotted his new neighbor teetering on her rooftop—which is only the beginning of her long list of renovations for the old house—and he added keeping her safe to his to-do list.

But Millie is determined to dive headfirst into repairs regardless of the risk, and suddenly, battling with his daughter over brushing her teeth seems easier than winning an argument with Millie. She’s exasperating. And oddly delightful. And most definitely shouldn’t be let anywhere near a tall ladder.

For a guy who’s sworn off romantic relationships, why does he suddenly want to be the one who gets the privilege of watching Millie conquer not just the B&B but his heart as well?

Beach Wedding

You’re invited to a sunny beach town
for a witty, heartwarming romance.

When Brody broke up with Paige and went to Europe, he suggested that someday, they’d pick up right where they left off. A hopeless romantic, she believed him.

But when they meet again, Brody’s dating a gorgeous actress.

They’re all going to attend the same wedding, and Paige plans to win Brody back. She even enlists her best friend’s brother, Aiden, to pretend to date her and make her ex jealous. A breezy, charming restaurant owner, Aiden actually avoids serious relationships, but as a fake boyfriend, he’s perfect.

As old friends and exes take part in wedding preparations and enjoy the beauty of the Florida coast, they begin to see themselves―and each other―in a new light.

GettingHomeForChristmas_500 (1).jpg
Getting Home for Christmas

She’s trying to get a little girl home for Christmas. He has the only car headed in the right direction. This is one Christmas Eve road trip they will never forget... 

After an emergency landing left their Christmas Eve flight stranded in the middle of nowhere, Bella Loxley is determined to get home in time for Christmas. But not just for herself. The brave little girl sitting next to her who is flying without her parents deserves to spend Christmas with her family and not alone in some tiny town. The only problem is the next flight out isn’t until tomorrow and the handsome businessman on her row just snagged the last rental car. Unless, she can convince him to give them a ride. 

Hunter Drake cannot afford to miss his December 25 business meeting. His career depends on it. He has no intentions of playing chauffeur to Bella, the little girl and her airline-employee escort on his impromptu seven hour road trip, but they all end up in his car anyway. And if that’s not bad enough, Bella is determined to help him rekindle his Christmas spirit by having him experience each of their favorite holiday traditions. 

As the miles of snowy roads disappear behind them and their destination gets closer, even Hunter can’t deny the holiday spirit building inside of him or the undeniable spark between him and Bella. But will it be enough to help overcome the hurts of his past and change a lone wolf into a family man?

Political Parties

Planning one amazing party is more complicated than it sounds.


Reece Ryan is known as the best wedding planner in town, but it’s time to take her company to the next level. Getting the contract from a prestigious law firm to plan their upcoming political related events is just the break she needs to prove that she can put together more than just the perfect nuptials. Sure, these events which will receive national coverage might be slightly out of her league, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. Managing the hotshot lawyer the firm has tasked as their liaison for the project is a whole other story.

Griffith Brighton always thought the start of his political career would come from hard work and his brilliant legal mind, not throwing some fancy party. But when the firm’s managing partner asks him to work with the event coordinator to organize a fundraiser dinner for the presidential candidate, he knows it’s his opportunity he’s been waiting for to get in front of some major political players. After years of goal setting and career planning, his future finally seems to be coming together …until two weeks of working with Reece make him reconsider everything he thought to be true about life and falling in love. 

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